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      Cali Orange Cheese (AAA)


      California Orange Cheese is an 85% indica-dominant hybrid derived from the mix of California Orange x Big Buddha Cheese. The pungent fruit and hash aroma is a mix of subtle cheese tones with candied citrus, orange, and melon flavor. The sensory experience is psychedelic and intensely euphoric.

      Big Buddha Seeds brings California Orange Cheese to life by crossing their own Big Buddha Cheese with California Orange. The plant produces a fruity and hashy aroma with an orange candy and citrus flavor profile that is complemented by a euphoric high, making California Orange Cheese great for conversation and pleasant social interactions


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      The Cheese strain is reportedly a phenotype of Skunk #1, a strain created by Sam “The Skunkman,” who brought it over from California to the Netherlands. From there, the Indica-dominant Cheese was bred and given notoriety in the United Kingdom in the late 1980s. Given the name “Cheese” as a signifier of its strong, cheddar-like flavor and aroma, the clone-only female is reported to have been crossed with Indica strains by several underground UK breeders for the proliferation of Cheese seeds.

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