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      Electric Kool-Aid (AAAA)


      Electric Kool Aid is a 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid strain bred by crossing Purple Diesel and Cherry Pie. Preferred for daytime use, Electric Kool Aid provides uplifting effects that inspire the mind while easing the body into a relaxed state. Hashy notes of sweet lavender and grape flavor the sparkling crystal-covered buds, which can take on a stunning periwinkle blue coloration.


      The THC of the Electric Kool-Aid strain ranges in a fairly consistent 19% to 20% zone and offers users a super heady high that is razor-sharp and focused, making it perfect for the artist or the athlete. The aromas are shockingly sweet with tart grape and fresh berry flavors, accented by sugar and hash with a palate that is pretty much the same. The difference comes with sharp pine and hashiness on the tongue, especially as it’s burned. Electric Kool-Aid buds are purple with periwinkle blue undertones, dark orange hairs, and a carpet of white trichomes.


      With a powerful cerebral blast off and energizing body effects, this is an all over high that starts in your head and overtakes the body for a completely engaged experience. The effects are long-lasting, ebbing and flowing through the day, giving you boosts in mood and energy that get you feeling creative and focused. The relaxing nature of this strain hits on the tail end and puts you completely at ease. This daytime strain is the perfect segway into an evening of activity.

      Electric Kool-Aid is a desirable bud for medicinal users as it is great for the relief of pain, muscle tension, eye pressure, and headaches. For stress, depression, bipolar, and even in some cases of extreme fatigue, this is a great strain to get you in a good headspace and energize your body. This is a potent strain and is not recommended for heavy use by novice or new users as it can tip towards overwhelming pretty quickly and agitate symptoms of anxiety if used to excess.


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